Yeshayahu Ben-Aharon

Founder of the anthroposophical kibbutz Harduf in Israel, co-founder of the Global Network for Threefolding, and director of the Global Event College, Yeshayahu Ben-Aharon is an author, spiritual scientist, philosopher and social activities. He teaches, writes and lectures worldwide on the evolution of human consciousness in the sciences, humanities and social and historical events. He has conducted groundbreaking research on the ‘Christ Event’ of our time, and more broadly in the field of spiritual science inaugurated by Rudolf Steiner. His creative writing on the arts, sciences, philosophy and spiritual science have inspired the ‘Art & Event’ summer festivals.

Moral technologies and cognitive yoga: Technological singularity and the making of a new human life (etheric) body and individuality

There is a strikingly exact and opposite parallel evolution since the 1980s between human development from the Christ event and impulse as we now experience it, and the accelerated development of artificial intelligence, leading to the idea of ‘technological singularity’ proposed by Ray Kurzweil.

These two streams will be explored in a series of lectures comparing Yeshuyahu Ben-Aharon’s spiritual research with Ray Kurzweil’s technological research.