The team that has come together to carry this initiative has been brought together out of a common interest and recognition of the importance of this theme in our time.
Many of us feel the encroaching changes that the technological age is bringing to our physical bodies, our consciousness, and our view to the future and what it might hold for the development of humanity.

Through The International Youth Initiative Program ( and the Youthsection in Dornoch, Switzerland many of us have had the opportunity to work with both Nicanor and Orland, and recognise in them the ‘new’ work they are brining into the world. We are between the ages of 26-40, and have been joined along the planning stage by colleagues in their 50s and new friends in their teens. It is exciting to gather a young community to work with issues directly related to our lives.

Among us we represent science, industry, Melbourne, Centre for Social Poetry, Presenting Institute, Sweden, atheism, Anthroposophy, family, friends, strangers, religion, Sydney, The Netherlands, social enterprise, social work, the elderly, Theory U, the arts, YIP, Dornach, the streets, university, Steiner education, motherhood, Youthsection, Perth, Norway, dance, Biodynamics, spirituality, health, journalism, and…technology.

If you feel inspired by Moral Technologies and wish to get involved, we would love hear from you!

The full team is not represented in this photo.

Stefan Nekvapil (Melbourne)
Annet van Kesteren (Sydney)
Vaike Neeme (Sydney)
Christa Ackling-Coles (Sydney)
Katie Stubley (Perth)
Rose Nekvapil (Melbourne)
Inga Muribo (Melbourne)
Matthew Hardie (Melbourne)
John Stubley (Perth)
Lisa Devine (Sydney, not pictured)
Clare Coburn (Melbourne, not pictured)
Phoebe Phillips (Perth, not pictured)
Melchior Hoeksema

Moral Technologies is an initiative of Seed Australia.