Moral Technologies: Redirecting the technological stream towards an Ethical Future

Keynote speaker Dr. Gopi Krishna Vijaya

April 6-9th 2018

Templestowe, Melbourne

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Moral Technologies Conference 2018

The Moral Technologies team welcomes Dr. Gopi Krishna Vijaya as a keynote speaker for the third and final MT conference here in Australia. In relation to the question, “how do we be human or moral in a time of technological development with technology,” Dr. Krishna Vijaya will help provide for the conceptual understanding of past, present and future technological developments in relation to the human being. Moreover, woven into this will be distinct strategies and action plans that will help us realise what we are doing and what we could be doing in connection with thought processes and technological developments in themselves.

The purpose of the conference then is three-fold: to understand technological development in relation to the human through time; to be able to apply this knowledge in a practical sense in our everyday lives; and third, to be able to anticipate and be a part of new technological developments. As well as exploring the overarching descriptions, time will be given to elaborate with the immediate details. Then there is more, in addition to the work of Dr. Krishna Vijaya, the community in itself will be hosting artistic workshops and performances, there will be a public lecture, a visitation from the Melbourne based organisation ‘Future Crunch’, a panel discussion. There will be opportunities for the youth and of course, ‘Golden Silence’.

For those inspired or in need of inspiration, strength, wisdom, for those lost or found, young or old, Moral Technologies 2018 will be an event that will carry you into a realm of positivity, possibility and practicality. It is each one of us as us that will steer the future development of technology towards one that is ethical.


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