Each morning we meet in small “check-in” groups. It gives us a space to say what needs to be said so that we can focus on enjoying the conference. It’s also a good way to get to know people and ask any questions that need to be asked.



Four-day conferences are demanding, rich with content, conversation and experience. A small portion of each day, after lunch, is set aside to be a consciously taken quiet period: Golden Silence. One can sleep, read, walk and/or reflect in this time. A time free of talking, speaking, conversation, discussion; that’s for all the other time!



Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided. The food is yum, it’s vegetarian and it’s prepared by generous chefs who take pleasure in nourishing us while we work. Special diets can be catered for, please get in touch with us if you have any questions. And there is plenty of cake with our tea and coffee!



Before the lectures and formal proceedings of each day start, there will be an optional morning practice of breathing, stretching and meditation. It is a place to centre oneself to be present and ready for the day.



Moral Technologies is a holistic conference. Alongside the critical thinking and discussions are offered creative workshops: dance, kung fu, eurythmy, singing and more. We believe that engaging our bodies and souls is as important to learning how to meet technology as engaging our minds.